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Document Title File Name Document Date Operations
Class Enrollment Guide ClassEnrollGuide.pdf 12/27/2009
Class Management Guide On-line_Class_Management.pdf 10/21/2009
Club Brochure Club Brochure 7-6-2021.pdf 07/06/2021
Computer Sale Items 2022 ComputerSaleItems2022_0.pdf 08/29/2022
Create a System Image Backup WindowsSystemImage.pdf 03/15/2016
Epson Projector Instructions ProjectorInstructions.pdf 07/13/2011
Getting Creative Presentation Create2022.pdf 11/03/2022
Henderson Libraries Presentation 2019 HendersonLibraryPresentation.pdf 05/02/2019
Home Networking and Router Presentation SCA-Router-mcjc.pdf 05/18/2022
Identity Theft Workshop 2019 IdentityTheftWorkshop-2019-02-21.pdf 02/21/2019
Instructions for VHS to DVD copy Copying VHS Tapes to DVD ver 5.pdf 08/03/2014
Kindle: Public Library Downloads KindleDownloadsFromLibrary.pdf 12/31/2012
Member House Call Notification HouseCallNotification.pdf 12/03/2015
PowerShift by NV Energy PowerShift by NV Energy Presentation.pdf 11/06/2017
Replacing Your HVAC System Replacing Your HVAC System.pdf 11/06/2017
Suddenly Single Discussion Suddenly Single Discussion.pdf 11/07/2019
Suddenly Single Presentation Suddenly Single presentation.pdf 11/07/2019
Telephone Quick Reference IP705-Quick_Refrence.pdf 10/16/2009
Telephone User Guide IP705_Full_Guide.pdf 10/16/2009
TV-ScreenSharing TV-ScreenSharing_1.pdf 09/06/2021
Zoom Class Procedures ZoomClassProcedures.pdf 09/06/2021
Zoom Instructions ZoomInstructions.pdf 09/06/2021