Newsletter - October 2021

October 2021 Newsletter

The October 2021 Newsletter is available online. If you wish to view past issues click on Newsletters in the black menu bar on our website.

November Election for 2022 Board and Budget

The candidate statements for the 2022 Computer Club Board are available online under Documents > Election (see The proposed 2022 budget is also available under Documents > Financial (see

Voting will be held online from November 1 through November 15. You must log in to the website to vote. Once logged in, access to the ballot and voting is available on the left side of the front page.

New Chairs

The chairs in the Computer Club rooms have been replaced. If you would like to purchase one (or more) of the old chairs for $20 each, please use the Help option of Contact Us on the Computer Club website.

Club Use Guidelines

It has come to our attention that some of our members are NOT following the Nevada state (and SCA HOA) directives regarding the wearing of masks. All persons using our Club MUST wear a mask covering BOTH the nose and the mouth. Those few individuals (who have a verified medical condition preventing the wearing of a mask) MUST wear a face shield. Failure to comply with these directives may result in suspension from the Computer Club.

Food and drink is prohibited while at the Computer Club with the exception that bottled water is allowed.

We are continuing the club's reduced hours due to the lack of monitors to provide coverage. Please reference the club's website before coming to Anthem Center to ensure the club is open. There are sections on the left side of the home page which indicate the hours for the week and monitor coverage.

Monitors Needed

If you are interested in being a monitor for the club, please use the Help option on the Contact Us page.

Nevada Mask Mandate

We all have the responsibility to care for and protect one another.

In parallel with guidance by SCA Management, the CLC needs to reinforce the critical nature of the mask mandate to protect others as well as yourself.

Whether you agree with the mask mandate or not, all Association residents, when indoors in any Association facility, including all indoor club functions, must wear a mask covering the mouth and nose as mandated by the State of Nevada. The only exception to a mask covering the mouth and nose is a full-face shield by those who have an underlying medical condition exempting them from using a mask. This exception works on the honor system. SCA staff members or clubs are not allowed to ask for personal medical information such as proof of an underlying condition, vaccination records or covid test data.

The Association is being regularly (as often as weekly) inspected by the City of Henderson for compliance. A lack of compliance could lead to the shutdown of club functions and/or the closure all facilities impacting all residents that use Association facilities.

A few residents and club members are violating the requirement of wearing a mask and are not keeping both nose and mouth covered. In some instances, they are being belligerent to fellow residents or monitors who are simply trying to remind them of the need for compliance for each other’s safety. This is too serious a public health issue to tolerate blatant violations and bad behavior.

All clubs must require and enforce proper use of masks and face shields during indoor club functions. According to the CCG&Rs 7.3, the CLC may institute grievance proceedings against a club for violation of Association policies or local law which can result in a suspension of the club’s activities.

If a club member refuses to comply and/or uses abusive behavior toward club officers or other members, the club can initiate a grievance which can result in the member’s suspension or expulsion. The club may choose to inform a monitor and the member can be reported to the Covenants Committee. Residents are facing suspension of privileges for lack of compliance.