Newsletter - June 2022

June 2022 Newsletter

The June 2022 Newsletter is available online (click on the link below). If you wish to view past issues click on Newsletters in the black menu bar on our website.

June Classes

Windows 11 Basics and File Explorer is a class introducing Windows 11. The Mouse, The Start Menu & File Explorer share many features with Windows 10’s but where did everything go?

Email Using a Browser is a class for those of you who pick up your Email using a browser. Have Questions? Want reminders? Learn how to save, open, print attachments, print Email messages, and delete messages

Photoshop Elements is hands-on class for both Mac and Windows users giving a basic introduction to the program

Club Use Guidelines

Food and drink is prohibited while at the Computer Club with the exception that bottled water is allowed.

We are continuing the club's reduced hours due to the lack of monitors to provide coverage. Please reference the club's website before coming to Anthem Center to ensure the club is open. There are sections on the left side of the home page which indicate the hours for the week and monitor coverage.

Monitors Needed

If you are interested in being a monitor for the club, please use the Help option on the Contact Us page.