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Android Devices SIG

Q & A session for Android devices This class is to answer questions on Android based devices made by various companies including Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola and Google. This is not necessarily a hands on training class. Attendees should bring their devices charged and functional. It would be useful for the coordinator to prepare ahead of time if attendees would send in their questions ahead of time by clicking here ( ).

Android Phones - Introduction
This is an introductory class to familiarize the students with Android based phones using Samsung Galaxy (S4) as a sample. Even though we will use Galaxy the knowledge gained will be applicable to all other Android phones made by companies such as HTC, LG, Motorola, Google with very minor variations. Please bring your Android phone with you if you have one.
Apple Mobile Calendar App
Account configuration, making and using multiple calendars, creating events including repeating events and the use of alerts. Sharing Calendars and subscribing to public calendars will be covered.
Prerequisites: Introduction to iPad or familiarity IOS operating system.
Apple Mobile Contacts App
Account configuration, using groups to organize contacts, integration with the Mail app, the phone, the Message app and Facetime.
Prerequisites: Introduction to iPad or familiarity with IOS operating system
Apple Mobile Mail App
How to use the Mail app to send and receive mail from multiple email accounts on iPhones, iPads and iPod touch. Topics will include basic account setup, creating and using mailboxes, attachments, and signatures. We will also cover sending attachments including pictures by email. Avoiding Spam and phishing schemes will be explained.
Prerequisites: Introduction to iPad or familiarity with IOS operating system.
Apple Mobile Safari Browser
Using the Safari browser iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch including using multiple tabs, creating, organizing and using bookmarks, downloading, and setting preferences.
Prerequisites: Introduction to iPad or familiarity with IOS operating system
Apple Talk

Apple Talk is an ongoing investigation of all products Apple. It will include presentations, discussions and demonstrations of iPads, iPods, iPhones, AppleTVs and of course Macintosh computers and related peripherals. As new Apple products are introduced they will be included. Topics for discussion:

  • your Apple device
  • your experiences
  • your problems
  • your accomplishments

Others will add their bit, and you will all come away with something more than when you entered the room.

Apple Watch - Introduction

An introduction to the basic capabilities of the Apple Watch including; pairing with your iPhone, basic setup, and use

Apple Watch Apps

Investigation of Apple Watch built-in apps, apps installed from iPhone apps, and the Apple Watch App Store.

Apple Watch as a Medical Device

Using Apple Watch for emergency response, medical monitoring, health, and wellness support functions.

Basic Internet Security
Basic internet security topics: Firewalls(routers),Virus protection, Spyware, and Cookies will be explained and discussed. We will also discuss "Smart" Phones and protection for them. Password creation and Password Managers and Identity Theft will be discussed. Computer use is not required as this is a lecture/discussion class with a comprehensive handout.
Board Meeting

Computer Club Board meeting.

Buying a computer
In order to make an informed decision when you are buying a computer, there are a few terms that you need to be aware of so that the sales folks don't try to "snow' you. Are you unaware of the meaning of the basic terms now circulating around the world? Do terms like gigabytes, hard disks, volatile memory, main board, Ethernet card, cable modem, etc. make you wonder which country you are in? Then, join us in helping you become aware of meaning of these terms and many others that you hear. Learn the basic terms in this class.
Classroom Closed
The classroom is reserved and not available for general use.
Computer Auction
This is the yearly auction of Computer Club equipment. It is not a class but rather serves as a place holder on the calendar. You may sign up for this event so that you receive a reminder e-mail the day before the auction.
Computer Center and Classroom Closed by SCA

Due to SCA plumbing construction, the classroom and computer center are closed.

Computer Talk
Open discussion on any computer topic.
Computer Talk Advanced Topics

This class will hold discussions on advanced computer topics. Each class will focus on a specific topic.

Email Using a Browser

This one hour class is for those of you who pick up your Email using a browser. Have Questions? Want reminders? Learn how to save, open, print attachments; print Email messages, delete messages and insure that those message headers are not left visible to the next user.


Excel 2013 Advanced
Students in this class will learn to build upon beginning techniques and develop knowledge of more advanced subjects including: • Complex sort and filter • Enhanced charting • Autofill functionality • Mathematical, Logical, Lookup and Text formulas • Data Validation and Conditional Formating This is a two hour course and the instructor will be available after class to answer individual questions. Prerequisites: •Member in good standing of the Sun City Anthem Computer Club •Intermediate Excel or working knowledge of spreadsheet creation.
Excel 2013 Intermediate
Continuation of Beginning Excel Course includes: - Sort and Filter - Fill - Naming Cells - Adding and Maintaining Comments - Printing - Charting
This is a hands on exercise using a tutorial workbook. Students are encouraged to bring thumb drives in order to bring copies of the workbook and examples with them.
Prerequisite: - Excel Beginning or instructors permissiion
Excel introduction for beginners
This is an introduction to spreadsheets and their uses with the absolute beginner in mind. This class is taught using the latest version of Microsoft Excel. You do not need this class for Intermediate or Advanced Excel classes. Students in this class will learn the basics of creating and formatting a basic spreadsheet.
General Meeting

Computer Club General meeting open to all Sun City Anthem residents.

House Call Meeting
This meeting is for current house call technicians only. Topics can include new or updated policies and procedures, discussion of current problems and their fixes, etc.
How To Stream To Your TV

This class will help you select a streaming device like a smart tv or an external streaming device like a Roku or Firestick. It will show you step by step how to setup and use one of these devices. Lastly will be a description of available streaming services and how to make your selection.

Instructor Training

This class is for Computer Club instructors only. It will cover operating procedures.

Introduction to iPhone/iPad

Basic iOS settings and features to set up iPhone and iPad, including iCloud linking all devices.

Introduction to Numbers for Mac
Learn how to create spreadsheets in Numbers from templates or from scratch. Creating formulas, formatting cells and using functions will be covered. Several simple common use examples will be covered.
iTunes Introduction
Introduction to iTunes for Mac and Windows, a way to manage your multi-media content and your Apple mobile devices. Learn to create playlists, burn audio CDs, put photos, movies and music on your Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod. We will also introduce access to the world of podcasts and iTunes University.
Mac for Beginners
Mac for Beginners - Making the Connections. If you are new to the Mac or planning on getting a Mac, this class will show you how to connect your printer, scanner, camera, additional monitor and any other USB devices you plan to use and get the whole show working. You will learn how to set preferences and navigate the file system. Setting up and using the Launcher and Dock will also be covered.
Macintosh Calendar App
Macintosh Calendar App Account configuration, making and using multiple calendars, creating events including repeating events and the use of alerts. Sharing Calendars and subscribing to public calendars will be covered. Prerequisites: Mac for Beginners or familiarity with Mac operating system.
Macintosh Contacts App
Macintosh Contacts App Account configuration, using groups to organize contacts, integration with the Mail app, and import and export options will be covered. Moving contacts between servers will be covered. printing including labels will also be covered. Prerequisites: Mac for Beginners or familiarity with Mac operating system.
Macintosh Mail App
Macintosh Mail App – How to use the Mail app to send and receive mail from multiple email accounts.
Macintosh Safari Browser
Macintosh Safari Browser Using the Safari browser including using multiple windows or tabs, creating, organizing and using bookmarks, downloading and using plug-ins and extensions, removing unwanted malware, and setting preferences. Prerequisites: Mac for Beginners or familiarity with Mac operating system.
Microsoft Word - Beginner

This hands-on class will have attendees complete exercises that will help author documents using Word.

  • Meet the Microsoft 365 and Word dashboards.
  • Start a new Word document.
  • Recognize which file extensions are created by the Word application.
  • Explore some of the free Word templates.
  • Use menu commands to work with text (character formatting controls and using styles)
  • Insert an image on a page
Monitor Training - New Monitors

Training for new Monitors.

Monitor Training - Refresher
Refresher course for current Monitors.
New Member Orientation

This orientation session was designed to familiarize new Computer Club members with the Club's activities. Topics covered are:

Pages - For Mac Part 1

This class will provide the basics of using Pages to create documents and perform simple task like setting margins and idents, typing, dictating, cut, copy and paste functions, font selection, size and color. We will also cover creation of bulleted and numbered lists and paragraph formatting basics.

Pages - for Mac Part 2
This class will get into the insertion of text and graphic elements and the options for integration into the document flow. The concept of flowing text between distinct portions of the document will be presented in detail. A basic understanding of the operation of Pages is prerequisite for this class
Photos for Mac Part 1
An introduction to Photos including how to connect you camera or memory card and how to organize your photos. How to create albums of selected photos and smart albums using several different search criteria. If time permits an introduction to location tagging and facial recognition will be included.
Photos for Mac Part 2
This second part of the Photos class is a presentation on the editing capabilities built into Photos. We will cover correcting the lighting by changing the exposure, shadow brightness and highlight brightness. We will also cover color correction and show how to correct flaws in pictures including restoring old photos scanned into Photos
Photos for Mac Part 3
The third part of the Photos class will show the creation of “Projects” including Books, Calendars, Greeting Cards and Slide Shows. We will also cover the procedures for putting the resulting slide show onto Apple mobile devices in the form of a Home Movie.
Photoshop Elements

Do you take pictures with either a digital camera or a smart phone? Learn how to organize and edit your pictures. This hands-on class for both Mac and Windows users gives a basic introduction to Adobe Photoshop Elements. After taking this introductory class to this powerful photo-editing program, we recommend continuing with the Photoshop Elements Special Topics, where different tools, projects, and techniques are highlighted each month.

Prerequisites: Must be comfortable using either the Windows or Mac operating system.

Photoshop Elements Advanced Topics

Enhance your ability to work with digital photos. Monthly topics build upon skills learned in the Photoshop Elements class. These have included enhancing photos by adjusting coloring and lighting, removing imperfections and unwanted objects, clearing haze, and combining photos. Some are simple fixes and others make use of the power of adjustment layers. Topics are repeated periodically, depending upon interest.

Prerequisites: The basic Photoshop Elements class or some experience using either Photoshop Elements or Photoshop.

Plustek Slide Scanner

This is a demonstration class on using the Club's Plustek scanner with the VueScan software to make high quality scans of 35 mm slides and negatives. VueScan enables one to make a number of image enhancements during the actual scanning process. Techniques for successful scanning, editing and organization of image files will also be covered.

Prerequisites: Some experience using a photo editing program such as Photoshop Elements

Tune up and maintain your PC
For users of the Windows Operating system it is essential to properly tune up and maintain your system. In this class we will provide you with a recommended step-by-step procedure, which will improve the performance of your computer.
Volunteer Event

Special event for club volunteers.

Website Training For

This class provides training on specific club websites in the domain. It is tailored for an individual club's administrators. Prior arrangement with the club's president is required.

Windows 11 - Introduction

 Want to learn about Microsoft’s newest operating system (OS), Windows 11?  Are you wondering if you should upgrade or do you want to become more familiar with it if you recently upgraded?  Learn about some basic capabilities to this ever-changing OS.

Windows 11 Basics and File Explorer

This one hour class will introduce attendees to Windows 11 computers in the Classroom. The Mouse, The Start Menu & File Explorer share many features with Windows 10’s but where did everything go? Come learn how easy Windows 11 is to use.