Buying a computer

In order to make an informed decision when you are buying a computer, there are a few terms that you need to be aware of so that the sales folks don't try to "snow' you. Are you unaware of the meaning of the basic terms now circulating around the world? Do terms like gigabytes, hard disks, volatile memory, main board, Ethernet card, cable modem, etc. make you wonder which country you are in? Then, join us in helping you become aware of meaning of these terms and many others that you hear. Learn the basic terms in this class. You will also be exposed to the basic flow of data within the computer. You can take a few notes on what you want to look for.
Because you will be asked what you want a computer to do for you, you may just come away with a better feeling on how to make better decisions on the options available when you go to buy:
  • CD-RW vs. DVD-RW?
  • Basic, business, gaming or simply a Gee Whiz type of computer?
  • Dial up, DSL or Cable access?
  • Should I spend $200 or $14,000 or even more? Or something in between?
  • Buy locally, or on-line?

All members can benefit by taking this class, but if you are considering buying a new computer, this is the class for you!
At the end of this seminar, you may expect to:
  • Name the major parts of a personal computer
  • Briefly describe the function of the major parts
  • Have a feel for the interaction between these parts.
  • And finally, feel more comfortable when buying your next computer

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